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Our focus is to keep you and your family safe on the road. We employ the most qualified people who will accurately determine your needs, clearly communicate the best solutions and execute all work with integrity.

When you have questions, please use us as a trusted resource for honest information. We will provide high-quality auto repair work and trusted pre-owned auto sales, we love this stuff so much we even want to blog about it!

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Memorial Day Weekend Hours

Instagram style row of US flags for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veteran's Day

“We cherish too, the Poppy red
That grows on fields where valor led,
It seems to signal to the skies
That blood of heroes never dies.” (Monia Michael)

All American Pride locations will close for the three day weekend, we will re-open our doors on Tuesday morning…the coffee will be hot and smiles large.

To all those who have served – Thank You!

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April is National Car Care Month

Your vehicle does more than get you from point A to point B. It keeps you safe on the road, survives the crazy Virginia weather, helps you get to work on time, and makes relaxing road trips possible. Show your car a little love this April in honor of National Car Care month by coming to American Pride for a repair or maintenance appointment.

Take advantage of our Saturday hours at the American Pride Automotive Williamsburg and Yorktown locations by making an appointment for an oil change, auto AC recharge, Virginia state inspection, or engine tuneup. Our experienced auto technicians are here for you.

In the meantime, celebrate national car care month by reading a few of our past car care tips:

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Most Common Reasons for the Check Engine Light

“My car’s A/C is blowing hot air!” The Everything Auto Blog: Automotive Air Conditioning Series Part 1 

Call, contact or visit any of our three locations to make an appointment.

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The Hidden Costs of Selling Your Car Yourself

No matter how well our vehicles serve us, there comes a time in every car’s life when it’s time to sell (or salvage). If the car is in sufficiently good condition to sell, vehicle owners have a number of options in front of them–some of which are better than others. Some choose to trade the car in at a dealership while others try to sell it privately with the help of websites like Craigslist and other local listing resources. Selling a car yourself may seem like the easier and more lucrative option, but you may want to think twice and consider other paths.

Private sale of a vehicle requires a lot of work up front on the part of the car owner, but most people assume that the end payoff will be worth it. The challenge is that there are a few extra costs associated with this method–and not all of them actually involve money.


Between cleaning and detailing the vehicle, taking quality photos, deciding on a reasonable sale price, listing it on multiple sites and classifieds, and taking time out of the week to meet with interested buyers, selling a car yourself is time consuming. You also aren’t guaranteed that all your hard work will pay off (not all buyers are particularly qualified).

Repair & Maintenance Costs

Older cars almost always need some maintenance and repair before they are ready to sell. This means extra investment on your part that may or may not pay for itself after the sale.


Did you know that nationally police stations are now offering “safe zones” for Craigslist-type transactions to take place in order to prevent incidents with dangerous, deceptive people? If you do choose to sell privately, consider bringing along at least one other person to all meetings and doing so in a public place.

So if you don’t want to sell your car yourself, what are your other options?

  • Trade in: If you’re in the market for a new vehicle and your existing car is in sufficiently good condition, most dealerships are willing to work out a trade-in deal. One of the downsides to this method is that you are limited to the vehicle selection on the lot.
  • Consignment: Perhaps the easiest and most lucrative way to sell your car, selling via consignment involves a dealership giving you cash for your car (no trade-in necessary) and them putting it on the market for you. In this case, once the dealership buys the car from you, you aren’t responsible for repairs or private financial transactions. You just get to walk out with cash.

If you want money for a vehicle in good condition, bring it to any of our three American Pride Automotive locations to request a valuation. Letting us sell your car will save you time, money and peace of mind. American Pride also offers trade-in options if that option is a better fit. You trust us to service your vehicle; we’ll make sure it goes to a good home, too. Learn more about how to sell us your car and get cash in your pocket here.

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Selling Your Car FAQs

If you’re interested in selling us your car, these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will help you understand the process and your options.

What Do you Do With my Car?

Once we have given you cash for your car, we fix any issues, perform any needed maintenance, detail the car and often install upgraded items such as new tires.  We then sell your car through our auto sales division.  Because we do the repairs ourselves, we are able to sell your car for a fair price and offer a warranty to the new buyer. Continue reading

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Ways to Love Your Car This Valentine’s Day

Red paper shaped heart on the car window

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we here at American Pride Automative want to offer a few ideas for how to show your car some love and appreciation that will help keep it in good condition for years to come.

Get an Oil Change

We may sound like a broken record, but it can’t be said enough: regular oil changes done by a professional mechanic are critical to the health of a vehicle. Dirty oil=an engine that cannot lubricate itself and will eventually fail. Don’t worry if you miss your scheduled mileage marker by a small margin, but neglecting it for too long can lead to bad consequences.

Wash the Car

As car owners, we sometimes forget that the exteriors  and interiors of vehicles need regular maintenance, too. This comes in the form of periodic car washes, using a sun shade to prevent fading of cloth and leather, and twice annual waxing.

Get an Alignment

Over time, bumps, potholes and day-to-day driving knock a vehicle’s suspension system out of whack. If your steering wheel seems to pull to the left or the right, or the ride seems bumpier than usual, schedule a wheel alignment at American Pride. This will help correct those problems and help your tires last longer.

Go for a Drive

One of life’s greatest pleasures is hopping in the car for a long, leisurely drive. A vehicle is something to be thankful for and we hope that you take the time to enjoy yours this weekend and all year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Contact American Pride Automotive for all your auto repair, maintenance, Virginia state inspection, and car buying needs. We have three convenient locations in Toano, Yorktown and Williamsburg. Schedule an appointment today. 

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Thank You For Getting Your Car Inspected at American Pride!

As part of the State Inspections for Our Community program, we’ve spent the last few months raising money for Hospice House and Support Care of Williamsburg. Our staff has a soft spot for this organization and we are honored to work with them to help bring comfort and peace to families facing end-of-life decisions. This is the second (and hopefully not last) time Hospice House has been our Community Star.  We’re proud to have raised $6,000 and we have YOU to thank!



Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Community Star!

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What is the Difference Between Used, Rebuilt and Remanufactured Transmissions & Engines?

Lately you’ve noticed that your vehicle is behaving strangely–shaking, slow to change gears, or simply not not starting at all. You take it to the mechanic and get the news no car owner ever wants to hear: It’s time to replace the engine, transmission, or another critical (costly) component like a differential or transfer case.

Faced with the high price tag of replacing these parts with factory-new equipment, many people would rather get rid of the car entirely. What these same people don’t know is that there are alternatives. The three main ones (aside from brand new) are used, rebuilt and manufactured components. To some these options may sound quite similar, but the truth is that they provide very different benefits.


This is the lowest cost option for those who need a new engine, transmission, or other important vehicle part. It is also the riskiest. Used components are usually sourced from junkyards and in most cases not cleaned or thoroughly inspected. There is a higher likelihood that it is a high-mileage part and/or has been involved in an accident.


A rebuilt engine or transmission is made up of parts that have been reconditioned or refurbished. This reconditioning involves taking the unit apart, cleaning it and replacing worn or damaged aspects. Unlike used parts, rebuilt parts are generally inspected and tested, but their quality varies widely and warranties are typically short-term. That being said, if your budget constraints are tight, rebuilt equipment may be the safest, most affordable option.


If you aren’t crazy about buying new but still want to invest in quality, then remanufactured parts may be for you. All components are built precisely to manufacturer specifications and quality standards and thoroughly tested. At American Pride, we install JASPER remanufactured transmissions, engines, transfer cases and differentials because of their superior craftsmanship and long-term warranties (most parts carry a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty).

When making a big vehicle decision like whether and how to replace a major component, be sure to get at least two opinions from auto mechanics you trust. If you’re unsure of what to do about your car or truck and live in the Williamsburg, Yorktown, or Toano area, call the pros at American Pride. No matter what kind of replacement part you choose, we can help guide you and get you the best value for your money.

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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours


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American Pride Automotive Cares About Your Safety This Holiday Season

Christmas tree on car. Small toy car

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means travel, holiday parties and a general sense of hectic glee. All of this activity makes the holiday season a particularly dangerous time to be on the road. It’s important to stay alert, make smart choices and keep proper vehicle maintenance in mind in order to get where you are going safely. These are just a few precautions you can take–not just during the holidays, but all year long.

Do a “Pre-Flight Check”

Especially important before a long road trip, you should always ensure that your vehicle is in ideal working order. Check that headlights, taillights and turn signals are operational. Check that the pressure is sufficient in all four tires. We also recommend taking a look at all fluid levels, including brake fluid,  oil, power steering, coolant and washer fluid. Getting ahead of a potential problem before you hit the road will make all the difference in the quality of your drive and the long-term condition of your vehicle.

Don’t have time to give your car a good inspection with all the busyness of the season? Call American Pride and schedule a road trip vehicle check at any of our three locations. We are always happy to make sure that cars and trucks are safe for long drives.

Have Fun, But Be Smart

Planning on attending holiday parties this year where there will be alcohol? Don’t risk putting yourself and others in a dangerous situation. Assign a designated driver, use a service like Uber or Lyft (but be aware that fare charges will be higher during the Christmas season), or call a traditional cab (Try Triangle Taxi in Williamsburg or Orange Cab Company in Newport News).

If you live in or travel Williamsburg, Yorktown, Newport News or Hampton this year, keep American Pride in mind for your automotive needs this holiday season. Call now, submit a contact form to request an appointment, or stop in to our Williamsburg, Toano or Yorktown locations.

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November 7 Family Service Day

What an awesome team! This weekend American Pride participated in Family Service Day‘s national day of service and gave a ‘hand up’ to families from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Peninsula as well as Child Development Resources by providing free auto repairs, maintenance and education.

“I was there today and wanted to thank you again for the free services you provided me. It really means a lot. Be blessed!”- L.B., an FSD service recipient


We are very proud to represent the Williamsburg community while many other shops across the country had their days of service. Learn more about Family
Service Day at www.familyserviceday.org.

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