Key Staff

Charlie MarcotteCharlie Marcotte-Owner
Loving what you do every day is a dream for most but it’s a reality for Charlie Marcotte, who entered the car business with his father in 1990. “As Americans we share a passion for automobiles,” he says. When Charlie isn’t at work you may find him with his wife Diane and three children, or perhaps road-racing bicycles with the James River Velo Sports cycling club — he serves as the organization’s president and helps manage their Adopt-A-Highway and Capital Trails Improvement programs.

Chuck MarcotteChuck Marcotte-Owner Emeritus
With fond memories of riding in his father’s Packard convertible, Chuck Marcotte loves to drive his vintage Buick Wildcat convertible. His passion for the car business remains as constant as his belief in exceptional customer service. “Cars and customers are more complex then they used to be,” Chuck says, “but the fundamentals never change. Determine the need, discover the solution and execute with integrity.” These are the principles that form the foundation for American Pride Automotive and American Pride Auto Sales.

Sales Manager Gerald BradshawGerald Bradshaw-General Manager Sales
Looking for the perfect car? Call Gerald Bradshaw. He has been involved in sales and marketing for over 27 years, many of those in the car sales industry. Gerald has a passion for helping people find the car that fits their needs, personality and budget. A native of Franklin, he enjoys watching sports, golfing, and spending time with his wife at the beach.

David LawsonDavid Lawson-General Manager, Williamsburg
An area local, David invariably offers service with a smile — and one of the biggest handshakes on the Peninsula. “I started out as a technician for American Pride,” David explains, “but years ago I made the transition to the front counter where I get to greet customers, update them and deliver the service they expect.” When not at the shop, David enjoys riding his Harley and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Tony Menker
Tony Menker-General Manager, Toano
Super service adviser Tony Menker has always had a love of cars. He entered the automotive industry in 1998 as a car parts sales person and worked hard to become store manager. After a brief stint in the banking industry he came back to his true passion as a service advisor with American Pride; “I knew I was back in my element when I could smell gasoline and exhaust” says Tony. Tony resides in Williamsburg where you will see him with his beautiful wife Carolyn and two children Christian and Melody.

Tom HorningTom Horning-Service Writer, Yorktown
Service advisor extraordinaire Tom Horning has been a friend of the Marcotte family for 20 years as the former manager of a local import auto parts store where he gained 27 years of experience. As a European sports car enthusiast Tom understands what it takes to make a car run right while delivering quality and being on time. These days Tom’s personal time is directed to the “two wheel” sports vehicle with a fondness for oil leaks where he parks (old Harleys); “I am very proud to call American Pride my home” says Tom.

Kevin Sadler-General Manager, Yorktown
Kevin entered the automotive industry in 1997 and quickly achieved Master Technician levels with the Chrysler Corporation and after many years in dealerships, joined American Pride in 2010. Kevin is a true local, having grown up in Tabb and graduating from Tabb High School. Kevin now lives in Denbigh and worships in York County where he is very active in the praise and worship band playing bass guitar. In his spare time, he is also an avid golf player.

Dan BryantDan Bryant-Chief Financial Officer
American Pride is fortunate in having a “caretaker.” Dan Bryant has adopted the company as his own, and carefully manages all the behind-the-scenes details. Having met Charlie Marcotte in 2002, Dan says, “I knew I’d found the guy I wanted to work alongside for many years to come. It’s great to be proud of the company you work with.” Like all American Pride personnel, Dan has a passion for cars; he likes racing them, and works on his own “fun car” collection in his home garage.

Big Red the Fire Truck“Big Red” American Pride Automotive’s Mascot
Big Red started out as a pumper truck in the town of Townsend, Massachusetts in 1981.  After being restored by a collector in Rhode Island, he moved to Virginia to represent American Pride Automotive.  He appears at Family Service Days and participates in events like the Coventry Halloween Hayride.  Please contact Sharon if you’re interesting in having him make an appearance at your event!