Automotive Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Services

If your vehicle blows only hot air from the vents, or cold air sporadically, or you begin hearing loud noises in the system, these indicate the need for air conditioning service or repairs. A/C system failures can be prevented with regular preventative checks and maintenance performed here at American Pride Automotive.

Major components of an automotive air conditioning system consist of the following:

  • Compressor – a belt-driven pump responsible for compressing and transferring refrigerant gas.
  • Condenser – hot compressed gases enter this unit, cool off, condense, then exit as a high-pressure liquid.
  • Evaporator – a component whose primary duty is to remove heat from the inside of your vehicle. A secondary benefit is dehumidification.
  • Refrigerant Fluid – commonly referred to as Freon or R12, environmental laws specify that the recharging and handling of an air conditioning system refrigerant be performed by authorized ASE-certified automotive technicians.

American Pride Automotive is a full-service certified auto air conditioning repair facility. Our ASE-certified repair technicians perform a professional inspection of your vehicle’s air conditioning system, providing you with a complete analysis of its current condition and the estimated cost to repair. Whether your vehicle needs a simple air conditioning recharge or a new compressor, we have the expertise to diagnose and perform any automotive A/C service.

Our A/C Performance Check services include:

  • Visual inspection of A/C components
  • Run performance testing
  • Leak testing using approved equipment
  • An A/C retrofit for complete system failures

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