Oil Change

Clean, amber-colored motor oil is vital to the life of your engine. With high mileage and stop-and-go driving, your oil loses its ability to keep your engine parts lubricated. Over time, your motor oil turns a darker color. Driving around with this dirty oil can lead to reduced fuel economy and premature engine wear.

At American Pride Automotive, we understand the importance of keeping clean oil in your vehicle’s engine. We’ll help keep your vehicle running by changing out that old and dirty oil with clean, fresh motor oil. When we change your oil, fresh motor oil means fresh motor oil.

We use a new synthetic blend in all vehicles. For just a little more full synthetic protection is available for vehicle. You can be reassured that we only put fresh oil in your engine, not any of that recycled oil used by some other places. That stuff only dirties quicker and robs your engine of performance. We’ll only use for your vehicle what we would use for ours.

If you’re like many many other people, it’s easy to forget when it’s time to have you oil changed. That’s why we send regular email and postcard reminders when their car is due for another oil change. Plus, all cars get a 31 point inspection at the same time.

We even make it easy for you to arrange for service. Appointments can be booked online or over the phone for our Newport News/Yorktown, Williamsburg, and Toano locations. This is the convenience you should expect from a local car care center.

Your vehicle is an investment. Protect this investment so that it can serve you longer. Trust American Pride Automotive to keep you on the road with clean motor oil and regular oil changes.

An oil change costs $34.95 for most vehicles.