Timing Belt Repair and Replacement

timing belt component illustrationThe timing belt is an essential part of a healthy, functioning engine. It controls the timing and movement of engine’s exhaust valves by keeping the crankshaft and camshaft moving in sync. When the timing belt breaks, it can cause major costly engine problems and even the need for engine replacement. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the timing belt and its components are replaced every 60,000-80,000 miles, and it is vital that vehicle owners follow that recommendation.

American Pride Automotive specializes in timing belt repair and replacement for vehicle owners in Newport News, Yorktown and Williamsburg—and the surrounding areas. We are proud to use Gates timing belt kits because they offer a first-in-class warranty that covers not only the kit itself, but the whole engine for the duration of the manufacturer recommended replacement interval.

Possible Signs of an Ailing Timing Belt

  • A car that “shakes” when the engine is turned on
  • A car that doesn’t start right away
  • A high-pitched shrieking sound upon ignition
  • A belt that is cracked, worn or dirty upon visual inspection
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Gates Timing Belt Kits come with an industry leading warranty that covers both the kit and your engine for the whole replacement interval.

Timing Belt Components

Automotive repair professionals agree; the various components of a timing belt kit should all be replaced along with the timing belt. These components include:

  • The belt itself
  • Tensioners
  • Idler pulleys
  • Seals
  • Water pump (when applicable)

Schedule an Appointment to Replace Your Timing Belt

If your vehicle needs a timing belt kit replacement, you can’t afford to wait. Holding off on this routine repair can mean the cost of a new engine. Schedule an appointment, call, or come in to any one of our three locations (Williamsburg, Toano or Yorktown) and let the auto repair experts at American Pride get you on the road safely.