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The Importance of Road Trip Checks Before Holiday Driving

If you’re traveling by car this holiday season, put safety first and make sure your vehicle is in great condition before hitting the road. Our cars and trucks carry us from point A to point B all year long and everyday use can create significant wear and tear that may not make itself obvious until a long road trip. That’s why American Pride recommends bringing your vehicle in for a “physical” before vacation and taking precautions like these:

  • Brake check. Brake maintenance often goes by the wayside over time, despite being crucial for road safety. We check brake fluid levels and the condition of the brake pads and rotors so you won’t have to worry about stopping safely.
  • Have an emergency kit ready. In addition to a spare tire and jack, every car should have an emergency kit in tow. Even if you think you’ll never use it, better safe than sorry. This kit may include road flares, a flashlight, basic tools, blankets, non-perishable snacks and extra water. Also be sure to pack extras of any essential medications like inhalers and epi-pens.
  • Pack smart. For the sake of your back and your car, try and keep luggage light and evenly distributed in the vehicle. Lots of heavy luggage stowed away in the back of the car leads to poor fuel economy (especially if you’re driving on hilly terrain).
  • Test the lights. Check that all exterior lights (headlights, turn signals, fog lights, high beams, and daytime running lights) are operational and clear.
  • Rent a car if you need to. Say you’ve done all of the above, brought your vehicle into American Pride for a road trip check, and simply have some misgivings about your car’s roadworthiness (or paying for repairs). Don’t be afraid to rent a car to get you through the holiday trip and address your existing vehicle’s issues when you return. Better safe than sorry!

American Pride Automotive is proud to serve the peninsula with three locations in Williamsburg, Toano and Newport News. Call your nearest location to schedule auto maintenance, repair or a road trip check. Happy holidays!