Virginia Professional Auto Repair

Resolve to Love Your Vehicle in 2017

What resolutions did you make at the beginning of the year, if any? If you’re like many people, you probably resolved to put some energy toward saving money, losing weight, or spending more time with family. How’s all of that going? Again, if you’re like many people, your focus may already be drifting from those commitments you made at the start of the month. The good news is that every day is fresh chance to keep trying and even add more goals! We suggest making an effort to love your car or truck a little more this year. This can mean a few different things.

Commit to Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Life is busy. We get it. Some of the first things to slip from the to-do list are routine vehicle tune-up appointments. These include oil changes, AC system inspections, filter changes, brake checks, wheel alignments, transmission flushes, and more. It’s important to stay up to date on these tasks, as they are the building blocks of a car that stays safely on the road for a long time. Get ahead of bigger issues in the future by taking care of the little things now.

Buy a New Used Car

Sometimes it’s simply time to buy a new or used vehicle that you LOVE at the right price. American Pride Auto Sales can help. We have an extensive inventory of high quality used cars and trucks and do everything we can to find each customer the vehicle that suits them.

Let Us Buy Your Car for Cash

If you’re ready to give up your car but not ready to trade it in for a new one, then it may be time to let us appraise it for cash. And who doesn’t love cash?

Whatever you choose to do this year to improve your vehicle situation, American Pride Automotive is here to provide you with solutions. We specialize in car sales, maintenance and repair and have three convenient locations in Williamsburg, Newport News and Toano, VA. Find the location nearest you and get going with this resolution!