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Every time you are out driving on the road, you expect your brakes to safely slow down your vehicle. Your car's braking system is one of the most important mechanisms, protecting you and your passengers from possible accidents. Due to the role your brakes play in your safety, it is highly recommended that you schedule regular maintenance to ensure that your brakes remain in optimal condition. American Pride Automotive is happy to provide a full extent of brake services.

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Call Yorktown at (757) 595-4100, Toano at (757) 250-3880, Williamsburg at (757) 903-2473.

Is It Time To Have My Brakes Checked?

While some parts of your vehicle can fail without placing you at risk, your brakes must continue to operate without failure. In order to best protect your brakes from failing, it is important you become aware of any signs of wear and damage that can potentially lead to a brake failure. The most telling sign to look out for is right on your dashboard. Most cars are equipped with sensors that alert the driver when the braking system is not working properly. If your car's system has alerted you that there may be a problem with your brakes, stop driving immediately and contact American Pride Automotive for a scheduled service.

Other common signs that your brakes need to be replaced include:

  • Noises coming from your tires when you step on the brakes, such as squeaking or grinding
  • A shaking steering wheel or vibration when engaging the brakes
  • A low brake pedal, possibly indicating a brake fluid leak
  • Whenever you break, your car tends to lean to one side
  • Burning odor when braking

    If you suspect that your brakes are in need of a service, don’t hesitate to reach out to our trusted auto repair professionals in the Virginia Peninsula. We are conveniently located in Toano, Williamsburg, and Newport News.

    Contact American Pride Automotive online or by calling Yorktown at (757) 595-4100, Toano at (757) 250-3880, Williamsburg at (757) 903-2473.

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