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Radiator Replacement in the Virginia Peninsula

Keeping Your Engine Cool

Imagine you are driving down the road when you notice that the temperature gauge on your dashboard begins to climb toward "H." You attempt to cool your engine by turning on the heat, but it only temporarily provides relief. As the gauge climbs upward, you notice that steam has begun to come out from under your hood. You pull over and shut the engine off, and wait patiently for a tow truck to haul away your car. You never want to find yourself in this position. Help prevent this from happening to you by having your radiator checked at the first sign of trouble with American Pride Automotive.

If you find yourself in need of radiator replacement in the Virginia Peninsula, contact us at (757) 595-4100 to schedule a service.

What Is a Radiator?

The radiator in your car plays a vital role in the cooling of your engine. As your car burns gasoline to move, it produces an immense amount of heat. The radiator keeps your engine cool by transferring coolant to your engine. Once the coolant absorbs the heat, it is sent back to the radiator where it cools back down. This process helps protect your engine from overheating. When the radiator malfunctions, the engine can overheat and become damaged.

Your radiator may need to be serviced if:

  • It is leaking coolant onto the floor
  • Your car seems to always overheat despite there being ample coolant in the radiator and reservoir
  • The color of the coolant turns into a rusty color and possibly becomes viscous
  • You have to constantly add coolant, which may indicate that there is a leak
  • Turning on your air conditioning always overheats your car

    Don't wait until it's too late. Call  to schedule a radiator replacement.  Call Yorktown at (757) 595-4100, Toano at (757) 250-3880, Williamsburg at (757) 903-2473.

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