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Steering Repair in the Virginia Peninsula

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At American Pride Automotive, our team of auto technicians wants to make sure you are safe on the road. A faulty steering wheel is not something to ignore, as it can cause you great harm if not addressed immediately. Your car steering wheel, along with your pedals, is what gives you control of your vehicle. When this is compromised, you can lose full control of the car and place yourself in a dangerous position. If your steering wheel hasn't been functioning properly, allow our technicians to run a diagnostic.

Please contact us to schedule a steering wheel repair in the Virginia Peninsula. Call (757) 300-0808 for our Yorktown location, (757) 347-4105 for Toano, and (757) 384-9342 for Williamsburg.

Giving You Full Control of Your Vehicle

Our certified technicians are able to accurately diagnose the issue and provide the necessary steering repairs. Whether you are having trouble staying in your lane, or you find that the steering wheel vibrates when turning, our team can help. When it comes to steering wheel issues, time is of the essence.

Our steering wheel repair professionals can resolve a variety of issues, such as:

  • A shaky or vibrating steering wheel, which can be caused by either the steering components or the tires
  • A stiff steering wheel that makes it difficult to turn
  • Power steering fluid leaks from damaged seals
  • An off-center steering wheel, most likely caused by an alignment issue
  • A steering wheel that does not return to center position after making a turn
  • Noticeable odd noises that are present when steering, such as squeaking
  • A wandering steering wheel, possibly indicating that the strut bearings are worn out or damaged

    If you suspect that your steering wheel is in need of repairs, do not hesitate to reach out to American Pride Automotive. We are conveniently located in Toano, Williamsburg, and Newport News.

    Call to learn more about our auto repair services in the Virginia Peninsula. 
    Call (757) 300-0808 for our Yorktown location, (757) 347-4105 for Toano, and (757) 384-9342 for Williamsburg.

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