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Transmission Service in the Virginia Peninsula

Serving the Residents of Toano, Williamsburg & Newport News

American Pride Automotive provides transmission services, including maintenance, repair, and installation, for most makes and models. Your car's transmission plays an important role in the overall function of the vehicle. A malfunction in the transmission can lead to a series of issues, which is why we recommend that you schedule regular maintenance with our experienced technicians. We also provide remanufactured Jasper transmissions if you are looking for a replacement. With the help of our experienced team, you can protect your transmission from breaking down on you at the most inconvenient time.

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Call Yorktown at (757) 595-4100, Toano at (757) 250-3880, Williamsburg at (757) 903-2473.

The Role of the Transmission

A car's transmission facilitates how much power is supplied to the car at any given moment. It works in a similar fashion as a bicycle gear shifter. By changing gears depending on the speed of the vehicle, the transmission ensures that the car is functioning at an optimal level. If you don’t schedule transmission services regularly, you can diminish your vehicle’s fuel economy and run the risk of a premature failure.

Servicing Automatic, Manual & CVT Transmissions

Vehicles are equipped with several types of transmissions, including automatic, manual, and CVT. Automatic is the most popular, as it gives drivers the convenience of not having to manually shift between gears. Manual transmissions are usually better on gas mileage, however, drivers are required to shift from gear to gear. CVTs, or continuously variable transmissions, use pulleys to alternate between "gears" to improve fuel economy. At American Pride Automotive, our technicians have years of experience in repairing and servicing every type of transmission.

You may need to schedule a transmission service if you notice any of the following signs:

  • You detect transmission fluid leaks
  • There's a burning scent coming from the transmission
  • The unit makes odd sounds when the car is on
  • As your car changes gears, there is a noticeable delay or jump

    With a name that has been trusted by residents for more than 20 years, American Pride Automotive is the company to trust for all your transmission replacement and repair needs. Regardless of what vehicle you drive, feel free to bring it into one of our three locations. Our team of expert auto mechanics will quickly determine the issue and provide you with an honest list of solution options.

    For more information about our transmission services, call Yorktown at (757) 595-4100, Toano at (757) 250-3880, Williamsburg at (757) 903-2473.

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